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El perro y el hombre de Dios
Un obispo salió de la iglesia y caminó a través de la ciudad.  Después de un rato entró en un barrio muy pobre.  El obispo llevó ropa fina y blanca con telas de oro, y él empezó a preocuparse del estado de su ropa.  Las calles estaban llenas de lodo y quería mantener la limpieza de la blanca.
De repente, un perro viejo cruzó la calle enfrente del obispo y se sacudió.  Gotas de agua sucia voló de su piel y manchó la ropa del obispo.
El obispo se puso con rabia.
-¡Maldito perro!- gritó él.  -¿Por qué no tengas cuidado con tu comportamiento?  Estás enfrente de un obispo.
-Tuve que sacudirme,- contestó el perro casualmente.
-Pero mira, viejo, has ensuciado la ropa de un hombre de Dios.  Vaya a la iglesia y reza.
El perro levantó la cabeza y habló.  –Tu ropa divina, ¿puede alimentar a mi famili
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October, sunshine by ramonaquimby October, sunshine :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0 Quebec libre? by ramonaquimby Quebec libre? :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 1 1 Uruguay by ramonaquimby Uruguay :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 1 0
Forever: february
There is one thing we love about February--
The light.  The sky pulses orange, fades blue
and we let five-thirty in through the cold wall.
The street is stained with snow.  In the window
across the way, yellow-butter lamplight melts
through the glass. We arch together like a Hardanger fiddle
and its strings; your eyelashes flutter like notes from a fiddle
pulsing to the beat of each day.  February.  February.
Too cold for the sound of dirty snow-water as it melts
down the drainpipes, too cold still, love, to dance through the blue
skies of the spring.  Red lights flicker feebly through the window.
A siren bites, hungry, through the wall
and behind our heads, through the cracked wall
there is a noise, a cry.  I'll love you forever.  A fiddle.
I watch your lips in the glass of the window.
Forever?  What is forever--is it February,
an icy, white-faced, snowed-on blue?
A time frozen, hanging, when nothin
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Shoes in San Francisco by ramonaquimby Shoes in San Francisco :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0
seven-minute sonnet
A perfect couple caught my eye
upon the IRT one day.
The nose-pierced girl, the skinny guy--
such hipster love, I have to say
is something that my friends might scorn.
But guy and girl stood fresh-faced, tall,
their hands entwined, their Converse worn.
And looking down, I glanced at all
my imperfections, noting first
my bitten nails, my freckled face
my banged-up legs (and what was worst
and made me feel most out-of-place):
My hair a fuzz, my dress askew.
Oh, why can't I be more like you?
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We're two of a kind lately by ramonaquimby We're two of a kind lately :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0
A word to the unobservant
If you haven't noticed:
The cherry-blossoms are gone from the trees
and the flowers still in the ground
look a little faded and uncomfortable,
like certain doctors' receptionists.
The bankers on the subway stand used-up, washed-up;
they no longer smell of money
and new suits. If you haven't noticed:
We always forget until this time of year
swings around again, forget that dance we do
to the tune of emergency generators switching on,
all over the city. The papers say
we flock in droves to the beaches,
but we know that no one familiar is ever there.
If you haven't noticed:
Summer love is what the suburbs are for;
we can do nothing now but survive. Pens stop working.
We use each other's words, knowing
that come autumn, we will love harder,
write again.
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The details by ramonaquimby The details :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0
Watching Balboa Pier, 3.09.08
When you curve around me like a coastline
I know this place is my second home:
My dark woolen sweaters and knit scarves fall away,
I wiggle my feet in the sunset and look at the sand under my nails.
Here they drive under the electric sky in screaming red Mustangs
with the roofs down, red like the nail polish I wore
as a small curly-haired thing. You said you would buy a convertible
and kiss me in it as you drove down the 101,
one kiss for every star we saw in the sky. I said:
I come from a place where the stars are hidden by fuzzy lights
and insomniacs writing their latest play. You said:
I would kiss you even where there are no stars.
Dirty words are what clean mouths are secretly saying.
At half-past midnight you don't have to whisper these things to me:
Out here, no one can hear us but Cassiopeia,
and hanging where she is, stretching over the vulnerable pier,
the stilled Ferris wheel and that place where they used to have
bumper cars, she can't do much but form the shape of a
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I am lion by ramonaquimby I am lion :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0 looking back by ramonaquimby looking back :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 3 3 sunday afternoon by ramonaquimby sunday afternoon :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0
los naufragos
había en una vez que brilla con la edad suya
hombres que exploraban
y los náufragos que dejaban
acunando en los brazos salmuerosos
del mar
a veces soy tu cristobál colón
y exploro las palmas en tus brazos pálidos
y encuentro oro escondido en tu corazón
y cepillo bancos de arena de tu pelo otoñal
y a veces soy una exploradora
cuya brújula está llena de percebes
sentándome solo en una isla pequeñita
llorando, mi náufrago
mirando ti
en el náufrago hay
especias y objetos de lujo
un mapa de los indios
todo que hemos querido simpre
y tu, mi náufrago
y tu
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Lapland Lake by ramonaquimby Lapland Lake :iconramonaquimby:ramonaquimby 0 0


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min sodeste veninde
United States
Current Residence: the dirty have, as they say.
Favourite genre of music: electronica, rock (normally of the classic variety), stuff not in english, classical
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Personal Quote: "Evil will always prevail, because good is dumb."
[Wow, I haven't written a journal since first semester sophomore year.  My bad!]

I have stopped by to say that I HAVE WRITTEN FAN FICTION.  I am finally giving back to the community I so greedily take from :-p  Except, wait!  I won't be posting it anywhere except a filtered entry on LJ!  Mwahhahhhhahhhhh.

(As anyone who went to high school with me knows, insanity ensues when I am single!  If only he knew what he unleashed upon the world XD)

Errr...I probably won't update this journal again for another year and a half, or something.  I don't even know who reads my DA account on here is like a forgotten child.  Don't call CPS on me plz.  You might want to check out my tumblr: it's a little different and more interesting.… teeny snippet of the fanfic is on there, too.  Lucky you!)
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